“Back to School” Old Fashioned Coffee Cake Recipe- Back-to-School recipe |Cooking With Carolyn

“Back to School” Old Fashioned Coffee Cake Recipe- Back-to-School recipe |Cooking With Carolyn

You may find some of the materials and utensils that I used here | http://rdy.c/2ecbdb
Well guys school is about to start in a few weeks and I thought it would be fun to share this recipe of the Old Fashioned Coffee Cake from L.A. Unified School District. Yeah, I did a few of my own twists and I think it came out pretty dang good lol. I hope you guys like it.

Old Fashioned Coffee Cake RECIPE LINK:

My most favorite back-to-school commercial EVER! : http://youtu.be/fwcYbo7pjto

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